Why Outsourcing to the Philippines Is a Smart Move

Why Outsourcing to the Philippines Is a Smart Move

The outsourcing industry enjoys great popularity mainly because it offers a cost-effective solution to businesses. Regardless of whether you’re running a startup or a well-established company, there are benefits to be had from outsourcing certain aspects of your operations. And as proven by many business owners over time, offshore outsourcing generally offers more benefits in terms of savings than domestic outsourcing.


Among the countries that offer services most Western businesses choose to outsource to, the Philippines is one of the most popular, and for good reason. Here, we look at the cultural factors that make it a good idea for Western businesses to outsource to a Philippine-based service provider.


Language – This Southeast Asian archipelago is the world’s third largest English-speaking country. Although English is only their second language, Filipinos are exposed to it from a very young age (it is the medium of instruction in Philippine schools), which is why most of them are highly conversant with the language. Filipinos are also known for their uncanny ability to quickly learn languages and adopt accents, which means it’ll be easy for you to communicate with them regardless of where you’re from.


Governance – One of the biggest reasons why outsourcing to the Philippines is highly beneficial is the support the industry receives from the government. Ample education and training are provided to individuals who choose to build careers in the BPO industry, so you are assured that the people handling your business processes are competent at what they do. It is also worth noting that the Philippine government system is modeled after the American system, thereby making it easy for an American company to do business with a Philippine-based outsourcer.


Culture – The Philippines was a Spanish colony for more than three centuries. And when the Spaniards left the country, the Americans took over and stayed for more than 30 years. For this reason, and the fact that the country continues to have close ties to the United States, Filipinos have become more receptive to Western influence. They are familiar with Western culture, Western products, and Western behavior. This kind of familiarity makes it easy for them to cater to the needs of Western businesses and deliver exactly the kind of results you expect.


Behavior – Filipinos are naturally courteous and hospitable, even to complete strangers. This attributes are among the things that make the Filipino people well-known all over the world, and these are also what make them the perfect candidates for customer support jobs. They are also known for being hardworking, for being very thorough with their work, and for their desire to please. You are therefore assured that a Filipino team of experts will always do their best to deliver results beyond your expectations.


Other than these cultural factors that make it a smart move for Western businesses to outsource to the Philippines, huge savings in cost is also a major reason why many have chosen to outsource to this tropical destination. The cost of living in the Philippines is considerably lower than in the United States, and with foreign exchange rates the way they are, what may seem like unbelievably low rates to American outsourcing companies are actually average or top rates in the Philippines. This is why many US business owners have reported saving as much as 70% in cost when they outsourced to the Philippines.