'Four Houses' Recap: New Jersey

On Four Houses different homeowners showcase their homes against each other including Victoria an artist who lives on a 1907 ferryboat named Yankee, Rick a commercial real estate agent who lives in a rustic ranch style home, Carol a stay-at-home mom that lives in a traditional two-story brick, and John a communications specialist that lives in a 1893 Queen Anne Victorian.

This week who will win the opportunity to be showcased in Better Homes and Gardens and receive $10,000. The winning home is based on originality, style and livability.

The first home to be reviewed by the contestants is Johns Queen Anne. It has 7 bedrooms and 3.5 baths and is valued at $1,000,000. Its located in Plainfield, New Jersey. Rick thinks its too much like a museum. Victoria loves the quirkiness. Carol loves the romance that the house brings. Victoria comments, On the outside the house was like a circus celebration and then when we came inside and it was a sad clown. Thats quite funny coming from a lady that dresses like a clown and has yellow and green hair.

The only spot in Johns house that Rick likes is the wine cellar. Of course, he brings a bottle of wine to each house tour and walks around with a glass of wine in his hand. The wine cellar is nice but theres no seating.

The second home to be reviewed is Carols. Its a custom home with 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and is valued at $2,400,000. Its located in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Carols husband is a tattoo artist and she has full sleeves on each arm. She loves tanning and has a tanning booth in the house. Carol wants to use the $10,000 prize money to update their backyard.

Victoria approaches the house and touches the front of the house. She says, I think this is plastic with spray-on foam. Rick brings his slippers and a bottle of wine. Rick loves the kitchen. John obsesses about the transition space between the kitchen and den. He thinks its too open and empty. He admits that maybe hes a little too uptight about it. Everyone loves the theater room. But there is no design theme to the house. Theres contemporary, old world, and just plain old (as in torn fabric on the couch). Theres an exercise room and a master closet the size of a bedroom with at least 200 pair of shoes. Victoria begins to jump on the master bed and says, Its a really good bed, like one at a regal hotel.

Third up is Ricks home. The group begins in the rustic and cozy kitchen. They are not impressed with all the words and placks around the home. There are fireplaces inside and outside the home, maybe too many. John says, Do you think Rick is a pyro. They head outside and Victoria steps into the hot tub with her stockings. John replies, Victoria needs adult supervision. She tracks water into the house. The favorite room is the master bedroom with contemporary straight lines. Wine bottles line the staircase up to the mancave. In the mancave viewers see more wine bottles, a big screen TV, an oversized couch, cigars, and games.

Lastly, Victorias ferryboat is reviewed. Its a 6 bedroom, 2 bath home with an unknown value. But the view is priceless: a view of Manhattan from the north to the south end. The dining table is hung on cables to allow for the sway of the boat. Its a long spacious area with a baby grand piano at the end of the room. The living room looks like Alice in Wonderland, funky and wild. Theres a striped pole in the living room and Carol begins to swing on it like shes ready for a pole dance. John hates that theres no TV in the room.

They go outside and there are live chickens. Carol grabs a fresh egg. Next they head to Victorias closet. Its more like a Broadway costume room. Dresses are made out of items like bubble wrap and PVC piping.

The scores are in and the winning house is Carols with a score of 87 out of 100 points. It looks like shes going to get her backyard make-over. Second place is Victorias with 74 points. Third place is Johns Victorian with a score of 67. And in last place is Ricks house with 62 points.

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Four Houses airs on TLC Mondays at 10 pm/9 C


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