Why choose Consinee cashmere yarn?

Ningbo Consinee Woolen Textile Co., Ltd is just one of the yarn supplier, but, why so many clients choose Consinee?

Because it has good quality to guarantee, nowadays in the international market, cashmere product quality some are good but some are bad. Some merchant add wool or other fiber to the cashmere or choose the material which the length is between 28mm and 30mm or choose the fineness below 16um to decrease the cost .But some professional top brand use 15um and 38mm material to make sure the high end and luxury status of the cashmere. Cashmere fineness decides the product quality. The fineness is one of the important indexes of the cashmere fiber, and main element to balance its quality and value. The smaller cashmere fiber, the more fiber the same count yarn section area has, the better evenness and strength the yarn is. The thinner the cashmere fiber, the better anti-pilling is, the softer is, and the better the warmth is. Consinee is an enterprise which is specializing in high end yarn brand and will not to sacrifice quality to cater for some buyers’ lower target price. Consinee can guarantee that every batch yarn fineness is between 15um and 15.5um, and baby cashmere fineness is between 14um and 15um. Consinee bring in Italy advanced detecting equipment of fineness and length and Italy advanced automatic product lines so you are absolutely assured of quality when choose Consinee.

Now, Consinee cashmere yarn is high praised in the international market, it cooperated with many first line brand, most enterprise is honored using Consinee cashmere yarn and this is because Consinee keep improving with the product. At the same times, Consinee never stop to go develop just do not want to let every customer down.