Liaocheng city bus station license by LED electronic Forecast Station Technique

"Now, with this display, to understand they have to take the car or truck isn't approaching the station," and Liaocheng folks told Ms. Zhang told reporters, compared to the earlier bus line cards, now forecasting station electronic method much more clearly understood, convenient a lot.


Reporters in the bus station Liaocheng government located that many individuals are attracted to LED electronic forecasting station. Around the LED display, along with the show could be reached outdoors the web-site on the car, the number of vehicles from the internet site of the station and can ride the automobile, also took turns playing civilization promotional content. It really is reported that the LED electronic forecasting station method is still inside the experimental stage, will mature to introduce extra handy service. (EN12966)


Some bus station license has been installed LED display, why not light it? Reporters discovered from Liaocheng bus enterprise, LED electronic background information forecasting station technique has been prepared, however the circuit continues to be within the approach of debugging difficulties.


Liaocheng bus organization employees told reporters, LED electronic Forecast Station technique is actually a handy public transport facilities and Liaocheng Pocket combining both precisely the same information source. Pocket Liaocheng bus program additional versatile, permitting the public to view the place of all buses around the complete line, but additionally in line with the map to view the bus driving circuit. On the other hand, LED electronic forecasting station technique is usually a simplification of Liaocheng Handheld public transportation program, it is the distance for the nearest bus quit sign and also the station quantity is displayed around the LED screen, to meet the site needs of passengers waiting in the stop sign.


It's reported that only the municipal bus station north on the bus station LED electronic licensing system is in working situation forecasting stations, other stations cease sign LED electronic forecasting technique work are going to be carried out gradually. (variable message sign)