4 Gamification examples in business

Club Psych was set up by USA Network, US cable channel for one of their popular shows called Pysch. they had a regular site for the show, but few years ago they set up a new - gamified website. The main purpose of new website was to make people more engaged with the show. New site used many game-mechanics.

Club Psych uses such games elements as rewards, challenges, badges, leader-board, points and avatars. So you can do various thing that gives you points. The points earn you a reward. You can even earn badges. You can earn badges if you are watching the show, so it is connected to the show and people have to watch it if they want to be successful in this game. The new gamified website is like an extension of the show.

Here are the results of gamification of the show with their new website. They were pretty successful:

Overall traffic on the USA Network site increased by 30%Online merchandise sales increased 50%Pageviews increased 130%Psych content shared 300,000 times on Facebook, reaching 40 million users

The audience for the Psyched is only about 4-5 million, so it was a big marketing bump for them by these relatively simple, but well implemented game mechanics.

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