Toshiba MG75N2YS40 IGBT Power Module

Go to, purchase this amazing MG75N2YS40 and see the amazing result that  this device can give!


MG75N2YS40 is a very high power switching device used to power up your UPS! Made by Toshiba, this advanced power module has a very light weight and has the complete package that will eliminate most if not all problems of your application!


With a very low saturation and low power consumption, this Toshiba IGBT power module can easily be installed in any kind of panel. No more worries about extreme temperatures! Toshiba MG75N2YS40 can work perfectly both on very high (140ᵒ C) & very low (-40ᵒ C) temperature conditions.


MG75N2YS40 can give an outstanding performance to your UPS as proven by its very efficient reverse recovery time, to help you feel at ease during power interruptions.


MG75N2YS40 is the name of reliability and perfection. Cost doesn’t matter if you have the best in your hand.