NMS-P715 Oil component i is split into

The molar balance of component i, which now consists of oi and hi, for the coarse-scale grid block (with VC and SC) isequation(7)ddt∫VC[φ∑j=1np(xoij+xhij)ρjSj]dV+∫SC∑j=1np n→⋅[(xoij+xhij)ρjU→j] dA=0.
The molar fluxes out of volume VC in Eqs. 'NMS-P715' (4) and (7) become identical ifequation(8)ddt∫VC[φ∑j=1np(xoij+xhij)ρjSj]dV=ddt∫VCF(φ∑j=1npxijρjSj)dV+∫SCB∑j=1np(n→⋅q→ijT)dA.
Using Eq. (3), gap junctions is easy to show that Eq.