Bride-to-be Paralyzed in Freak Bachelorette Party Accident - Rachelle Friedman Never had Wedding

Bride-to-be Rachelle Friedman ended up paralyzed after a bachelorette party joke that went very wrong. Friedman was just a month away from the wedding she had dreamed of when she was injured during swimming at her last hurrah as a single woman.

Bachelorette Party Ends in Tragic Bride-to-be Getting Paralyzed

Bride-to-be paralyzed at bachelorette party in freak accident.The bride and the bridesmaids decided to swim at the end of their celebratory evening. The all changed into their bathing suits, and her best friend just gave her a playful push. Friedman fell into the pool, and her head hit the bottom. Instantly she could not move, so she allowed herself to float up to the top and yelled for help.

After she arrived at the hospital, the bride-to-be learned that she had a C6 spinal cord injury as a result of the fall. She could not walk or feel anything below her collarbone. What a blow! It must have been an incredibly terrible time to be the best friend as well. The doctor told her she would never walk again. Not only that, but Friedman has no sensation or function in her hands, which had to have been a shock as well.

Paralyzed Bride-to-be May Never be a Bride

Sadly the bride-to-be may never be a bride because her medical bills are so high. She had insurance through her employer, but it only covered 20 days of rehab obviously that isnt enough. Friedman has to rely on Medicaid, which she cant get if she gets married. What a terrible situation! It is unbelievable that this woman has to choose between getting married and medical care! They would not make enough money to pay for the extensive care that Friedman needs it is thousands of dollars a month.

She used to work as an aerobics and dance instructor, and now she has hopes of returning to a job soon. She actually learned how to type using her thumb. Friedman says that she had the perfect life and even after the accident, her life is still perfect just a different type of perfect. What an amazing attitude she has after such a terrible tragedy. Her fianc has been there the entire time helping her through the ordeal, and so have her friends including her best friend who pushed her into the pool. It was a terrible freak accident, and it is not her friends fault. Almost anybody could have done it.

It is tragic that this bride-to-be was paralyzed at her bachelorette party. How terrible that her wedding never happened and may never happen. Rachelle Friedman has an amazing attitude, and she sounds like she will still have an amazing and happy life. Watch the video below to hear from Friedman herself.

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