Heavy Equipment on Technological Advancement

Heavy Equipment on Technological Advancement


The construction industry market has become increasingly aware of the growing demand for high end technological advancement of modern heavy equipment as shown in the dependency on machineries that has more technological features. The industry has been able to sustain and adhere to the demand but the growing challenge is also requiring more advanced ideals for materialization.


Axis Capital Group, Singaporean based company which sells and rents heavy and high quality construction equipment has expanded on its growth in the past 5 years and is still expecting a more productive growth in the coming years because of the big shift to the business. Technology has been one of the main factors for the company’s growth. The adaptation of technology and its integration to the equipment being used is enough bases for the great potential of the company.


Furthermore, growing market in many developing nations and cities are also contributing to the determining factor of strength in the industry. Markets and construction supply in Jakarta, Indonesia, Vietnam and Kuala, Lumpur Malaysia demand a more advanced system for machineries that can address the issues towards urbanization.


The variety of technological innovations within each subcategory also had an impact on consumer interest and sales. Taken as a whole, these advancements enabled operators and crews to significantly reduce the time and labor required to complete associated jobs through developments that improved operational efficiencies and extended the productivity of a single operator. Moreover, fraudulent caprices of manual labor are reduced due to the more precise operational systems of machineries.


Radio remote control systems and remote monitoring were two advancements in earth moving equipment that both helped influence the shift in requests for new machines.


Radio Remote Control System has been a product of Bobcat in 2008. This technology has enabled skilled operators to maneuver any skid steer or compact track loader equipped with Joystick control and wheel steer. Today, most models of this radio remote control system have been upgraded and are reviewed to boost productivity while allowing the operator to work safely and more comfortably.


Remote Monitoring, on the other hand has been released by John Deere with a service called “JDLink” combining remote monitoring and preventive maintenance functions to improve the quality of equipment. Here are the few functions of this DJLink:


  • Machine location
  • Geo-fencing which is a GPS location-based service warning users if equipment enters or exits a fenced area
  • Machine hours
  • Maintenance planning
  • Service ADVISOR Remote (alerts your dealer to maintenance issues, providing more timely responses when service is necessary)