Software Selection Resources of Axia Consultants

Impartial software selection information, tools and tips to assist you with selecting new Accounting, CRM, HR and Payroll software

IT Proposal - Summary of information about IT / project proposals

* Why change your present system? - A list of of 30 widely used reasons for changing systems
* Project scope checklist - A checklist of 30 points to consider for a software project scope document - Copy available for free download
* IT project proposal - Preparation tips and proposal checklists
* Proposal format - Ideas to improve the format and appearance of your IT project proposal document
* Basic ROI calculation - A review of the basic ROI calculation and its use within IT project proposals
* Return on investment calculator - For IT system proposals - Copy available for free download
* Maximising software project ROI - 10 tips to maximise your software project ROI
* Software project budget - 25 tips for obtaining a more timely and accurate software project budget
* Hidden costs of acquiring new software - A list of hidden software costs to watch out for.
* Project budget template - for IT software projects - Copy available for free download
* Proposal evaluation sheet - 55 IT software project proposal points to consider, from the executive board point of view - Copy available for free download
* Software selection acronyms - Common acronyms used within the software system selection process


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