Top employment agencies in the Los Angeles area - Los Angeles job search

Not too long ago I wrote an article about employment agencies entitled, Getting job hunting assistance from an employment agency. Naturally, finding the right employment agency for you can be a bit of a task if you dont know where to look.

Sure you can pick an agency because its near where you live. However, more important than the location of the office is the focus, what industry or career field does the employment agency specialize in.

Equally important is finding a recruiter within the employment agency that you can work with. Someone who doesnt push you to go on useless interviews for positions you are not interested in. This can happen if the recruiter is more interested in making her commission than actually meeting your or the clients needs. So be sure to look for someone you feel comfortable working with.

In the meantime, if youre still looking for the right employment agency for you, the Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ) has recently put together a list of the top retained and contingency search firms in the Los Angeles area.

Just so you know, retained search firms, also known as executive search firms, are those firms which require the employer to pay a retainer (usually one-third of the search fee) to have them conduct the search for the best candidate. Retained search is most often used for executive and senior level positions.

On the other hand, contingency employment agencies are those where the agency only gets paid if one of the candidates they refer is actually hired. Naturally, its a much more risky business for the recruiter, hence the reason why they might push candidates to interview for positions.

No matter what type of position and/or employment service you seek, you may want to check out the LABJs lists for top ten retained search firms and top ten contingency employment agencies in the Los Angeles area.