One Direction's Harry Styles is Busy Thinking About the Bedroom

One Direction star Harry Styles has it all right now. His bands debut album, Up All Night, just hit number one on the U.S. charts, and hes a hot, single teen idol on the prowl. What more could a guy want? Apparently, a comfortable new mattress. Is this what Styles is longing for now that hes a huge star in America? Yep. Well, that, and a new girlfriend, of course. The whole Caroline Flack relationship didnt go so well, and Harrys been single ever since.

File:Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson Glasgow.jpgSo yes, Harry is definitely thinking about his bedroom, but not in the way you might think. It seems the 18-year-old musical sensation is still sleeping on the mattress he had when he moved into his apartment. Harry tells the British newspaper The Sun, Im going to treat myself to a new one. I need a good one. The one Im using is still the one that was there when I moved in. The springs have gone. Um. Gee. Well, thats something to know, right?

Harry Styles: A man on a mission to find the perfect mattress with some brand new springs in it. It sure sounds like Harrys going for the best, as he says, I hear those memory foam ones are good. Okay Harry, whatever you say

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons