Fig provides comparisons between the AAS and ASEM techniques for

Note that the means for the two instruments are not statistically significantly different for Titan 8100. Thus disagreement between the two instruments for this material with respect to the mean is not indicated. However, the means are significantly different for the other three materials. However, statistical significance does not always result in practical significance, as with enough data even extremely small differences from the null AMN-107 (i.e., the estimated means are different) will generally be assessed as statistically significant. In follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) case, many of the estimated means are very similar, and while statistically significant, this difference may not be of practical significance to many. However, if a question revolves around the production or measurement of narrowly separate particle populations between samples, the difference between these two techniques may be vital. Here, we simply state the differences between these two specific instruments in a rigorous statistical treatment of the limited measurements to understand their magnitude.