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despite the fact that there are wigs, but the fee is vastly one of a kind, each readily just a few thousand dollars "Tyrant" wig, there are dozens of bucks of civilian units, their change in the place? brazilian full lace wig is popular.

In Beijing Xidan subject within a wig store reporters saw little retailer stocked with greater than a dozen wigs of various lengths, a reporter requested the rate greatly surprised, one much less from the attention, about 20 cm in size wig price as high as 3,800 yuan. "The wig was once all made with real brazilian front lace wig done, this prime is low cost, more often than not speakme, the more high-priced the longer brazilian front lace wig wig price." according to the keep owner offered, where sales of Brazilian virgin brazilian front lace wig wigs are handmade, is a needle hook up, in comparison with woven wig stronger and extra docile, more breathable. brazilian virgin remy hair is beautiful.

In keeping with the reporter, made with real brazilian front lace wig wig, although the cost is high, but the cost of its uncooked materials could be very low. A barber store employees Liu instructed newshounds, often men and women to their retailer to collect a wig, long brazilian front lace wig rate per kilogram one hundred-a hundred and fifty yuan.