Taking Care of Your Roof

Taking Care of Your Roof

In order for your roof to last, it requires just as much maintenance and care as the rest of your home.  Most homeowners are unaware of how important it is to regularly maintain a roof.  Roofs are built to last, and homeowners like to trust that roofs will last forever.  While they can last quite a while, unfortunately they will not live forever, and if you want to avoid major home damage, it is vital to take care of your roof. Here are a few tips for maintaining the roof of your home.  

Interior roof maintenance

When your roof is installed, make sure it is properly insulated.  Monitor the project, and watch for any small areas where you can see light shining from the outside.  Even if the insulation is enough to keep out moisture, pests will always find a way into the home if they are given the slightest chance.  Once your roof is installed, take a walk through your attic every once in a while, checking for signs of pests or of areas that could become a problem if they are not fixed right away.  One way to know if there is major damage to your roof from the inside is by watching for sagging areas or dark spots according to Max Real Estate Exposure.  Of course, you want to take care of any problems that would lead up to these signs right away.  

Exterior roof maintenance

At least after every season change you should check your roof for damage that could lead to bigger and more expensive problems.  If it is too dangerous to climb onto the roof, use binoculars to check for damage.  Look for any areas where moisture is building up as that could lead to leaks or mold problems.  If you have a shingled roof, check for missing, cracked or lifting shingles that need to be replaced.  Check around the chimney and other vents for wearing that needs to be repaired in order for your home to be properly ventilated.  Catching minor problems in advance will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in major repairs.  

Calling a contractor

It is not uncommon for homeowners to have to hire a roof contractor to repair their roof, even if the damage is not major.  If you notice a problem that you could fix on your own, but it is not safe for you to do so, call a contractor as they are trained and have the right gear to make sure the repairs are done safely.  Obviously if you notice leaking, you should call a contractor to check it out and fix any problems.  

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