Singapore The Lion City

I just visited Singapore last month for vacation and I really think Singapore is certainly one of the countries that I consider tourist-friendly. Squeezing all the places in three days had not been easy, but we still managed. With Singapore's efficient subway system, it was very an easy task to get across the city. If you're intending to remain in Singapore for a few days, I strongly advise one to prepare yourself to get the most out of your short vacation. During the second word war, Japan over took the island, in 1965 Singapore became an independent repulic.

Another landmark at Chinatown is shopping centre. Chinese, Malays, Indians, Europeans, as well as other Asian individuals have brought their cultures, religions, dress and cuisines, all of which continues to be happily assimilated to the Singaporean means of life. Most international brands are represented as well as the shops are open until late at night. They are custom-made and are inspired by Japan's capsule hotels.

The mix in ethnicities reflects the diverse culture and religions present in Singapore. It is a major financial center and transport hub in Asia. It can be a major financial center and transport hub in Asia. The subway or MRT method is first class and easy to use.

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