Rachel Riley Wear sexy lace dresses as she joins at charity event

Companies like Dear Kate and Thinx are easing the 5-7 day worry of every month with sexy lace dresses packed into panties.Thinx uses the right mix of leak-resistant, moisture-wicking and stay-dry layers that eliminate the need to tampons or pads. Thinx offers varying fits for different flows, so some people use them as backups on light days, while others go undies-only.

"I use pads, as I'm uncomfortable with tampons, but you can feel like you're wearing a [diaper]. ... The idea of just wearing underwear was appealing — no bulk, and no fear if my skirts blew up unexpectedly — as was the idea of not having to spend so much money on pads each month," Australian customer Kyla Hall told Mic previously.

Another period-confronting clothing line, Dear Kate, is also addressing other common experiences for women. The brand's "performance underwear" include a wide variety of lady-friendly wares, from undies to yoga pants with period protection.

It's a sign of progress, Dear Kate founder Julie Sygiel told Mic. When Sygiel started the line in 2008, she said, it was the "Dark Ages of periods." Investors were uncomfortable with the brand's original name, Sexy Period, and Sygiel said one publication didn't publish a story on them because it was "too controversial." But addressing women's everyday clothing concerns shouldn't be taboo.