These data supported the hypothesis that short term cover

These data supported the A-71623 that short-term cover cropping can significantly increase SOC but could not confirm that it can significantly improve other soil properties as hypothesized. Turnip/pea combination significantly lowered soil pH and SOC concentration increased compared to those of control suggesting strong and immediate effects of selected cover crops on these soil parameters. However, longer term data are needed to see whether or not these trends are transient. Although differences were insignificant, yet, BD and WSA tended to be lower under CC than in soil under control. The high variability in the measurements could not establish trends in confidence (p > 0.05) probably due to only one year impact of the treatments and on-farm field settings. Soybean grain yield was relatively higher under CC than that under control, however, there was no significant differences found. However, high correlation was observed between C and N stocks and grain yield suggesting possible strong relationship between yield and soil-C and N stocks.