Tried and tested – A real bride talks #reversaderm and wedding day details with Modern Wedding

Tried and tested – A real bride talks #reversaderm and wedding day details with Modern Wedding

The road to married is a happy but hectic one, and the last thing any bride wants is to look any less than luminous on her wedding day because of it. Following a solid skincare regime in the lead up to your big day is essential but there are also lots of extra steps that brides should take to achieve their most perfect glow. We're always on the lookout for new products that we think brides will love, and when when we heard about Dr. LeWinn's Reversaderm Glycolic Re-surfacing Treatment we got excited!!


Firstly, it's made by one of Australia's most credible skincare brands, Dr. LeWinn's, and we know that a bride's skin should only ever be in the hands of the most trusted. We also love that the kit provides brides with an alternative to expensive salon treatments like microdermabrasion. Very important for brides on a budget!


So what is it?


Dr. LeWinn's Reversaderm is a Glycolic Re-surfacing Treatment designed to visibly transform dull and damaged skin. The 5-step program is used over a 2-week period and helps reduce the appearance of acne scars, enlarged pores, fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. The cleanser, peel, serum, regenerative cream and mask all contain a variety of potent and highly effective ingredients (backed by Dr. LeWinn's extensive research) that work together to help reveal fresh, beautiful skin. Sounds like magic right?


We needed to put this product to the test and who better to test it than a bride-to-be and her doting mother!? We reached out to Lauren, who is getting married next February and her beautiful mother Sharyn and asked them to give the product a try for two weeks. We brought the dazzling duo in for a mother-daughter photo shoot and spoke to them about their big day and their experience with Reversaderm. Check out our video to see what they thought! To know more details visit