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Bachelorette parties used to be a hush-hush event, and like a trip to Vegas, carried the motto of what happens there, stays there. But with increasing use of technology to share, capture, and save nearly ever fun-loving moment in life, bachelorette parties are now creeping into the digital realm. Sure, some moment are better left off Facebook and Instagram, but regardless tech is a the digital backbone even for the times girls want to let loose and celebrate.

Nowadays, bachelorette party planning can be simplified with a little digital know-how. Tasks such as rounding up friends from around the country and synchronizing group agendas are no longer limited to snail mail letters and phone calls. Instead, apps and digital platforms make everything from collecting individual payments to planning party games more streamlined processes.

Before you scramble to plan the next bachelorette party, use these 4 tech tools to digitalize the process and leave more time for the fun.

Ditch the snail mail and update to Evites

The girlfriends involved in the wedding are getting enough letters in the mail, so switch over to Evites instead. Besides being the more digitally-savvy way to go, Evites let guest to automatically add events to their digital calendars and allow the host to know exactly who is coming. Much like a Facebook event, also allow guest to write public messages incase they can't make the party, which cushions the blow to the bride to be.

Kill the awkwardness and digitally collect money prior to the event

As a host, the last thing you want to be doing the weekend of the party is chasing guests (who you've never met) around, in an effort to collect owed fees. There's an increasing amount of payment apps out there, but for an easy solution even non-techies can use without fail, try Venmo. The payment app takes about two minutes to setup, and even less time to transfer money.

Share the memories without sharing too much

In the age when a cell phone is more important than a purse, an abundance of pictures are bound to be taken over the course of any bachelorette party. To save the bride embarrassment - not to mention any of the married attendees - encourage guest to keep the photos on private albums with Eversnap. The app puts all pictures from events in a private place and makes sharing among the group a breeze, so everyone can avoid the constant 'Can you text me that picture?' interruptions.

Keep guest in the loop, but surprises under wraps

If there are a few hidden events on the agenda that aren't for the bride's eye, opt for an event app with private messaging such as Eventassist. The event planning app keeps everyone on the guest list in one place, allows for private group communication, and sends messages in real time, to ease the burden of last minute plan adjustments such as a change in venue.


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