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Solar Technology Making Vegetation

More recently electrical energy is most significant our daily life with out electrical energy we can't imagine provide looking for solar power system malaysia entire world, new planet offers most new technologies and tecocropintroduces new solar technology electricity. tecocropmanufacturer of solar energy panels and element supplier to megawatt power projects.

Solar power changes sun rays or solar radiation into electrical power. Two popular kinds of solar energy are photovoltaic sections (PV), that happen to be semiconductors that directly produce electrical energy, and solar power energy plant life, which take advantage of the direct sun light to make heavy steam to make a turbine.

Solar Powered Energy Generation:

Solar energy PV grid attached Power Vegetation.

Potential grow capacity: 1MW, 3phase

Full Task price: INR 7.4 CRORES Venture charge includes Source of fabric Installation Commissioning.

1MW Solar energy vegetation provides76 and 17,000 Devices (kWh) per year Thinking about 5.5 sun hours And 300 power technology time.

1MWConsidering energy promoting charge Rs 6.49 every UNIT (Approx.) Returns putting in SPP and selling to AP Transco:

Marketing Capacity to 3rd Party PPA And REC Device Considering power marketing expense Rs 5.49 per System (Approx.) Earnings putting in SPP and selling to AP Transco:

REC System appropriate for Solar Powered Energy Plants and flowers available for sale of power through Bi-Lateral Contracts (Sale at Mutually Arranged Selling price) For every single 1000 Devices generated 1 1REC certificate 17,76,000 UNITS = 17,76,000 /1000=1776 REC Certificates Floor value for 1 certificate Rs.9300 And forbidden cost Rs. 13,300 Considering (appx) 9300 exchanged for 1 REC certification 1776 X 9300 =1636800

By setting up solar technology plant 80% of your grow cost may be subtracted from the full profit for taxation exemption

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tecocropCOMPANY Information

tecocrop& Infrastructures PVT. LTD. is surely an Indian Connect for Linksun Maker of Solar power

Photovoltaic Sections machines located in Asia

We are a Group of Technocrats and administration industry experts having business experience with more than

a decade, currently committed to production of High quality Solar energy PV Sections and exporting to

a lot more than 20 countries around the world and therefore are acknowledged dealer in Solar powered Business.

tecocropis an ISO 9001: 2008 qualified business and offer Turnkey option for Solar energy PV

Power jobs. It has and experienced group of technicians and experts capable of

supplying best solution from principle to commissioning.

tecocropalso supplies customized remedy complementing requirement of buyer in

Solar power photovoltaic. Out group have lots of years' experience of driving a car good quality & reliability of

solar power undertaking factors and process for dependable energy technology.

We believe in making use of finest in school factors, very skilled employees to have the very best

high quality workmanship, lastly increased exposure of providing the proper benefit point for our own client

Venture price consists of

Source of material

Set up


More info please visit our internet site: http: //www.tecocrop.com We will revert you rear with full info.

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If now we offer 3000 merchandise from last2months therefore we got completely pleasure from our buyers. solar powered energy grow cos, 1 mwTecocorp panel may be the website we market merchandise from solar energy panels 3 watt to solar panels 300 watt.customer happiness is our major moto ast

If now we sell 3000 products from last2months and that we got 100% pleasure from your consumers, Tecocorp solar panel is the website we market goods from solar panels 3 watt to solar panel systems 300 watt.client satisfaction is our principal moto as.

1 mw project price for solar technology vegetation