Cure your severe backache forever with latest technique of cervical fusion and lumbar fusion

Our sedentary life-style and spending hours each day sitting at desks or curled up on sofas watching TV cause health problems. Our body is designed to be moving rather than static in one position and sitting long hours at static position can have a significant and direct impact on our back health. Every fifth person in the world is suffering from some or other kind of back problem such as chronic backache, sinusitis, or severe cervical spondylitis. These sufferings will take away peace of life forever if not treated on time. A recent survey shows that around 73% of worlds population is suffering from back ailments. This is an alarming situation and forced to take health issues seriously.

A backbone is an essential part of all vertebrate anatomy. It protects the spinal cord and supports the body in an upright posture. If this essential part of body suffered with any kind of pain, there are temporary ways to get relief such as support belts, pain killers or mild exercises. However, sometimes the problem is so acute that these traditional or homemade treatments cannot bring any fruitful results. One must contact the surgeons to get the permanent solution of this severe back pain. In earlier times these kinds of surgeries were quite difficult to handle due to the danger involved in performing them on old or middle aged people. But gone are the days when surgery was considered a risky affair. Now due to technological advancements and professionally trained spine surgeons, the spine surgery is not at all difficult or risky affair. A new surgical technique known as Spinal fusion is used to join two or more vertebrae. Under this new technique Supplementary bone tissue, either from the patient (autograft) or a donor), is used in conjunction with the body's natural bone growth) processes to fuse the vertebrae. The concept of fusion is similar to that of welding in industry. Spinal fusion surgery, however, does not weld the vertebrae immediately during surgery. Rather, bone grafts are placed around the spine during surgery. The body then heals the grafts over several months similar to healing a fracture which joins, or welds, the vertebrae together.

As Spine fusion requires some highly trained surgeons who are quite meticulous and industrious in nature to handle even the most delicate case of a spinal issue with great care and caution. A careless handling of a spinal surgery can lead to severe repercussions, even making people bedridden for life. So instead of getting scared or inhibited in a distressed situation; trust with a surgeon who has a proven track record of successful spine fusion. Proper treatment allows you to get rid of severe back pain and you will be able to perform your daily routine work such as gardening, whisking, and pet-bathing etc .as usual comfortably.