Adding Vision Of The North, A Guild Battles Development

The new multi-level dungeons really are a new feature in Guild Wars. Click here to research how to see it. Receiving a pursuit will allow you to examine these new dungeons, with tasks and specific opponents having to be completed before you can progress to another level.

Dungeons feature many high level predators, and provide the chance to boost your position with new groups, in addition to a wide variety of special item incentives. Once-a dungeon has been completed, you are in a position to take the journey again and repeat the dungeon, allowing the person to try new tactics, or even to accomplish rare unique items they could have missed initially.

Among the major features of Eye of the North is the Hall of Monuments, allowing participants to maintain shield sets, pets, Heroes, and Titles earned from enjoying the Guild Wars campaigns. These successes may be carried forward in to Guild Wars 2, allowing people to construct on their activities and achievements in the initial games.

With so much new information, and providing a link between the original Guild Wars strategies and Guild Wars 2, Eye of the North has a lot to recommend it to current participants. The development can be purchased from within-the game, instantly unlocking the new material for people.

Guild Wars 2 is expected to maintain public beta in the second half of 2008. With more than 4 million copies already sold, Guild Wars has generated itself as a popular and successful video game..