Where To Stay In Uruguay To Create Unforgettable Vacations

Where To Stay In Uruguay To Create Unforgettable Vacations

Uruguay is a natural country between Argentina and Brazil, where the good weather and short distances allow nature lovers to make the most of it all year round. The country offers tourists a very wide range of options for enjoying their trip to the utmost. This is the third most important wine country in South America after the much larger Argentina and Chile. If you make a habit of bragging about your traveler credentials, but desperately want to just relax and sit by the beach for on a trip, Uruguay is just the place for you.   


Finding wines here which show restraint, elegance and balance, quite different to the ‘bright’ or explosive character of so many South American wines may be a surprise, but it is not the biggest surprise that Uruguay has in store for us. Uruguay is the only country in the world where significant amounts of Tannat are grown. During your Uruguay wine tour, visit also the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Colonia del Sacramento and admire its historic quarter with its European colonial architecture. Uruguay is also a perfect place just for relaxing in well known places like Punta del Este or to explore the countryside on weeklong horseback rides visiting estancias.


Compared to the rest of the Spanish speaking countries in South America, Uruguay is often wrongly ignored by travelers. An obvious question arises in mind that Where To Stay In Uruguay. However, all those who travel to Uruguay will fall in love with the country, and end up wondering why they did not consider visiting sooner and staying longer as there are so many things to do in Uruguay. Despite its relatively small size, this peaceful country offers a diverse range of experiences. Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, is the cultural heartland of the country, while historic Colonia is among the most delightful colonial towns. Beyond the beautiful sandy beaches and exclusive resorts that are popular during the summer months, find coastal nature reserves and wetlands.


Visit an award-winning family winery and sample some of Uruguay's signature fine wines. Discover why Uruguay is one of the top wine producers in South America–tracing the wine industry's history and seeing the wine making process first-hand. THE WINE EXPERIENCE, the online wine tour operator offers various wine tours for clients all over the world. We take pride in what we do and enjoy planning unique holiday experiences Tailor-Made just for you!


Experience the intimate beauty of Uruguay, where the people are warm and the land is welcoming. You'll enjoy getting to know the people of this small but unique country!