Gisele Bundchen wearing burqa to hide plastic surgery?

Gisele Bundchen who is a supermodel from Brazil has been trying to hide the news of her plastic surgery from media after she was seen entering a center of plastic surgery in France. Eventually, she has come out with quite a different look than before.

As mentioned by The Post, in order to get a private plastic surgery procedure in Paris, Gisele and her little sister used to wear named as burqa, during Ramadan. She was criticized a lot for wearing high footwear as the Muslim women are not allowed to wear shoes that are open-toed. According to one of the source, after the birth of two kids she was very much concerned about her sagging breasts. And the plastic surgery she has undergone was like a post-retirement and 35th birthday gift to her. As stated by one of the sources, her very longtime chauffeur picked them up at the hotel namedBristol Hoteland carried them to the plastic surgery clinic on 15thJuly. The very next day her reliable driver took both sisters back to the same hotel where both of them have gathered their luggage. Before departing Paris, Gisele recovered for almost five days in the exclusive Les Sources de Caudalie spa. On Friday, she was wearing sunglasses, Gisele and her sister were strolling down through an airport in Paris named as Charles de Gaulle Airport as they were going back to the U.S.A. as burqa has been prohibited in the France since the year 2010 that is why she was not wearing burqa.

Gisele Bundchen before and after plastic surgery

Once she had denied from the fact that she had undergone plastic surgery procedure but in April she declared her freedom from the runway by telling the newspaper named the Folha de Sao Paulo that now she has got the importance of her body.

Moreover, she said that she will dedicate her time to some other projects besides catwalk.

Gisele Bundchen before and after plastic surgery

Obviously I know what is good for my body and now my body says to stop it. I have learned how to pay off my body and it would be an honor to stop it.

In order to apply surgery on the breasts and eyes of her, she very secretly entered the du Parc Monceau Clinique which is reckoned on an international level.

Just after these days, two of the surgeries were applied by this girl and the angel of Victoria who was a secret angel, this model was able to create the $47 million earnings in the last year and ranked as a top paid model.

Reaction of Muslims:

As stated by The New York Post, Gisele Bundchen used to wear a burqa to hide the reality that she had done something with her figure.

Muslims and Persians got furious over declaration in the tabloids of French which demands that Gisele wore the burqa to hide the fact that she was once dotted walking into some sort of local clinic of plastic surgery.

The same sort of report appeared on the cackle site of Franc named as Public, it draw out quite furious reactions from the nationals of France since the Fifth Republic banned the Burqa.

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