Weight Loss Fad Diets - Lose Fat Fast

Weight Loss Fad Diets - Lose Fat Fast

Whether you are reading a magazine, watching the television, surfing the internet and even listening the radio, they are here, harassing you. What are they? Weight loss fad diets.

Be extremely careful as some of these weight loss fad diets do not have the slightest medical or scientific backing.

Weight loss fad diets can be identified if in 1 of those 3 categories.

1. Certain foods are omitted from your diet.

2. There is an emphasis on eating one very specific area of food.

3. The benefits of certain foods and food groups are purported and exaggerated for curing particular diseases.

Weight loss fad diet can be dangerous to your health and since it is termed -fad-, it might be good for a certain period of time, but highly ineffective on the long-term run. Plus Fad diets can most likely leave you feeling lethargic, with vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

Here are some of the most popular Fad diets

* The Cabbage Soup Diet
* The Hollywood Diet
* Atkins Diet
* LA Weight Loss
* Cybergenics
* Master Cleanse

Do not fall for them. Those diets can be harmful on your body and do not guarantee long-term weight loss. Real diets are actually a little much harder to find, but still exist. Here are 2 weight loss diets, currently blowing up on the internet (it is the only place you can find them), Fat Loss 4 Idiots and Strip That Fat.

Those weight loss diets will help you lose fat fast in less time than you would imagine, and with long-term results. Who said being on a diet had to be a painful experience? Lose weight quick with an enjoyable diet.