Wide Range of Premium Modded Controller

Wide Range of Premium Modded Controller

Gamers immerse themselves in their games so much that it eventually becomes an integral part of their life. Gaming custom controllers world is truly a revolution with both cons and pros of its own. Gamers spend lot of time in front of their gaming stations and are ready to do anything to give them a better experience. Gaming industry is one of the most flourishing and billions of dollar a year industry.

Looking at these bright prospects and rapidly growing boom in the gaming world, we, a team of MBA graduates wanted to establish our self as a significant name in gaming world. We combined our marketing skills and passion for games and established It to provide exclusive gaming modifications and controller modification online. We are a team of dedicated professionals with a combined experience of over fifty years in the industry. We offer a wide range of gaming modifications to give your gaming experience a new thrill.

We have an exhaustive collection of modifications with over 14 million possible combinations. He offer cosmetic modifications to give your gaming consol and modded controller a new look. We offer a wide range of glossy controllers, illuminating controller, game themed controller, matt finished controllers and various others in a wide range of color options. We also offer various functional modifications for your controllers to give you and edge while competing against any one. Our functional modifications include xbox one rapid fire controller, PS4 rapid fire controller, and auto spot mod useful for games such as battle field 3, call of duty, gear of war, kill zone and left for dead. We also offer modifications including drop shot mod, fast reload mod, auto run mod, jitter mod, burst mod, sniper breath mod, tactical remap mod and big bang mod for respective games. All our mods work in stealth mode and hence are completely undetectable.

We are constantly thriving to provide you most efficient and useful modifications for your gaming controllers to give you a unique gaming experience. Contact us or visit our webpage to explore our exhaustive collection of cosmetic and functional gaming controller modifications.

He is a one stop solution for all your modification related requirements. We feature a wide range of modifications including play station 4 and xbox one rapid fire mods. Our mods operate in stealth mod and hence are completely undetectable. We offer various functional and cosmetic mods to give you an edge over your competitors.