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Creating Store Prototype Models that Can Be Localised Another area where using BRM adds business value to the retail owners is in the development of new prototype store designs. Paper design from drawings were followed with utmost care and pain by accomplished craftsmen. The unique properties of the silicon pads used for the process gives it its highly sought after ability to pick the image up from a flat plate and then transfer it to a number of surfaces - including flat, spherical, textured, concave, and convex surfaces. BRM allows the retail design team to develop a standardised library of BRM families for those fixtures and fittings which can be reused and modified when designing and planning new outlets. A 3D printer has done away with the previous long and timely fabrication technologies. Work after production is reduced to the minimal from the substantial amount, particularly in clean-up of models and work area. The advantages rest in the areas of speed, cost and simplicity. The ‘real’ benefit of BRM is in the just-in-time extraction of different documents, data, and views including plans, sections, elevations, 3D perspectives, renderings, bill of materials, bill of quantities BBQ, material costs, and time schedule. The inventors let their prospects test the software package and allow them to analyse how good it works. However, international chains entering a foreign market also get the flexibility of tweaking certain aspects according to regional preferences whilst keeping the overall theme and identity consistent.

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The advantages rest in the areas of speed, cost and simplicity. The creation of a three dimensional model is unlike the use of plastic formers or metal modelling techniques in the past. This sophistication of rapid prototyping would enhance creative abilities. Designers could be too targeted on producing a prototype which they become remiss on their job to make the full version of the software. Frequently, prototyping is utilized to decide if a design and style is effective or if it can definitely perform the tasks it was produced to do. Partly to thank for the rapid growth of pad printing has been the increased availability of advanced silicone. It allows comfort of own workshop and has eliminated use of expensive tools and skilled craftsmen. And also, additional expense can be incurred on making a different team to produce the prototype.