Fundraising Ideas

Cheerleaders attend cheer camps where they work exceptionally hard and long hours to learn different cheers, stunts, and routines. Then there are also competition fees, hotel expenses for competitions out of town, and travel expenses to and from competitions and games.



Expenses like uniforms, cheer camp, travel, competitions, and coaching fees can add up quickly but are necessary for cheerleading teams to become successful. Cheerleading uniforms alone can cost well into the hundreds of dollars and are an important expense for cheerleaders along with the training they receive from their coaches, who also have to be paid for their time.



With decades of experience in the cheerleading fundraising ideas industry, we continually found that supporters would much rather pay for something that saves them money at places they go to everyday, rather than OVER-PAYING for products they can easily get themselves (at the store down the street) like candles, cookie dough, candy, magazines, or catalog items.



Because our fundraising discount cards come with thousands of substantial discounts in all parts of the country, almost everyone will benefit from owning one - NO MATTER WHERE THEY LIVE. For this reason, we will create a personalized website for your program so that literally anyone who wants a card, can get one. All they have to do is go to the site and buy a card.



Because fundraising ideas are so important to the success of the teams, it's no wonder why more teams choose Xtraman for their #1 fundraiser.