Back Extension: Good Exercise for Back

Back extension is an exercise which is to strengthen the muscles on the lower back. It is beneficial to provide your back stability. In addition, it is able to work effectively for relieving the stress on your back muscles.

The most benefit which you can take from this kind of strength training exercise is that it is able to relieve the back pain. For this reason, those with back pain are highly recommended to perform this back extension exercise. This type of exercise can be done on the floor with equipment including back extension machine or exercise ball. You can see some of the ideas in the following account.

Chest lift

This is the easiest back extension exercise you can undertake. You can start this by lying face down flat on the floor. Put your hands, with palms facing down, under your forehead. With your back muscles, lift your chest off the floor. Something you have to keep in mind is that you are not recommended to use the glutes for lifting up the chest. Breathe out and hold your position for around three seconds. Repeat it for around 15 times.

Instead of putting your hands under your forehead, you can also let your hands extended in front of you and then lift you chest. However, it is a little bit more difficult than the previous variation.

Reverse back extension

This is another option of back extension exercise you can perform. It is aimed especially for your lower back. You can start it by lying on an exercise mat with your face down. Place your hands beside you with the palms facing down and put your legs together. Lift your legs together off the floor. Lift it as high as possible. While you do this movement, breathe out. In addition, while you are lifting your legs, do not let your upper body move. Hold it for around three seconds. You can perform this exercise to strengthen the muscles in the lower back. Do this exercise for around 15 times.

Ball back extension

This is another exercise you ca perform for your back muscles. Before starting, you have to prepare the equipment you will need such as the ball and the mat. Firstly, put your toes and knees on the floor mat and place your stomach on the ball and your hands behind ears. Lift your shoulders and head upward by using your back muscles. Lift as high as you can. Return to your first position and repeat this movement for about 15 times. This kind of exercise will work effectively for the lower back exercise.