Fig xA A Correlation of CD

Fig. 3. (A) Correlation of CD with TPC and (B) CV with TPC in frying canola oil samples.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
The maximum allowable limit (MAL) of TPC, CV and CD in frying GSK461364 are 24–27%, 43.50 μmol g−1 and 29 mmol L−1, respectively [8], [47] and [49], If the values exceed MAL then frying oil should be discarded and not to be used for further frying cycle. Table 2 indicates the comparable results of frying canola oil samples determined by transmission FTIR and reported methods. It shows very little bit difference between population two methods. During frying process, the TPC, CV, CD and CT were linearly increased as frying time increased as shown from the results. The values of TPC, CV, CD and CT in frying CLO samples were found in 'GSK461364' the range of 2.19–26.34%, 8.06–39.97 μmol g−1, and 3.21–35.91 and 0.89–8.59 mmol L−1, respectively.
Table 2.