Denmark is the main investor in

A special case has been made for smart metering infrastructure deployment – one of the first smart grid enabling technologies having reached both maturity and viability for a full roll-out in many EU countries. Smart metering roll-outs and large-scale pilots account for most of the total investment of the projects surveyed. This paper includes only the smart metering installations which are part of a wider smart grid project.
3. Investment in smart grid projects: maturity and transition
Depending if the lifetime of the projects A66 considered or not, the distribution of the investments in smart grid projects can be viewed from two different angles: cumulative investment by starting year and investment considering the lifetime of the project. The readers should decide what study is more specific to their needs since both of them have some advantages and drawbacks. The result might vary between them. For most projects, pseudocoelomates is assumed that their budget was equally distributed between the participating partners. This might not be an ideal approach but the information regarding the share distribution between the partners was not available for most projects in the JRC’s database. Indirectly, this will also influence the breakdown of the investments among the partaking countries. The investment coming from a specific country was calculated by adding the individual budgets spent by its participating organizations.