Attentions when we buy wooden toys

We could say that toys are part of life for our kids especially for those who have to stay at home alone when parents go out for work. Under this situation, lots of parents would buy various toys from toys manufacturer in China for their children. There are some attentions when we buy wooden toys for our kids.


First of all, we do not want to try to buy the original color of wooden toys, environmentally safe, no harm to the baby. Secondly, we want to see if the manufacturer's name marked on toys, address, date of manufacture, production of materials, for ages, safety warnings, the implementation of standards, product certification and other projects to ensure quality and safety. We have the same rule when we buy remote toy car from remote control toys supplier. At the same time, we are to smell the toy itself, if there is the smell, the toy may be coated with a coating unsafe, or not real wooden toys, not recommended for such toys to play with the baby. Finally, we can touch the toy should feel fine, no glitches, sharp, dense wood, making the wood toys have a certain thickness, not easily broken or broken.


Do you understand what I’m talking about? Next time, when you go to China novelty toys wholesale online, you can have some basic ideas for buying a toy for your kids.