In a smart grid scenario

Summary of Muscimol results obtained with the charging station prototype for different charging/discharging mode at the of the analyzed battery packs in the maximum efficiency phases.Charging/discharging modeSlow chargeV2GFast chargeFast chargeFast charge with bufferBattery technologyPbPbLiFePO4Li[NiCoMn]O2LiFePO4PbCharging current [A]8??404040??Discharging current [A]??20??????8Charging/discharging rate [A/Ah]0.2 C0.5 C1.00 C2.00 C1.00 C0.20 CBattery voltage [V]300280585358288Battery power [kW]2.405.802.322.122.322.30DC bus current [A]3.306.903.923.302.78(bid. DC/DC) + 1.14(bid. AC/DC)2.78(bid. S phase DC/DC) + 1.14(bid. AC/DC)DC bus voltage [V]790790790790790790DC bus power [kW]2.615.453.102.702.20(bid. DC/DC) + 0.90(bid. AC/DC)2.20(bid. DC/DC) + 0.90(bid. AC/DC)Main grid active power [kW]2.905.123.152.751.201.20Total power factor0.900.900.860.860.540.56Unidirectional DC/DC efficiency????0.750.780.75??Bidirectional AC/DC efficiency0.900.940.980. 980.750.75Bidirectional DC/DC efficiency0.920.94??????0.96Total efficiency0.830.880.740.76–??Charging time up to SoC = 80% [h]6.25??0.810.580.81??Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV