Laurel nitrogen effects of aspirin cream effects of in vitro drug release

Laurocapram Pharmaceutical Grade is an efficient penetration enhancing agents, which is currently the State food and Drug Administration approved a handful of transdermal enhancers, which widely at home and abroad. Laurocapram Pharmaceutical Grade by Pro-FAT chain and ring lactam group two part composition, its composition decided has its promoting through mechanism for lactam group and cuticle of fat quality double molecular layer of polar end mutual role, and alkyl chain insert has fat quality chain in the Pro-fat sex more strong of regional, makes its dense sex change, increased fat quality of liquidity, to improved skin cuticle of permeability sex, reduced drug of diffusion resistance.

In vitro percutaneous experiment results show that the 5% and 10% of Laurocapram Pharmaceutical Grade can improve transdermal penetration of aspirin cream rate and coefficient of permeability, cream with 10% Laurocapram Pharmaceutical Grade osmosis. Harden appeared in bone resorption of bone or the entire backbone, which means bone repair process. Bone destruction, treated by long-term stability, and can sometimes be completely fixed joints can also be reproduced, this repair on a surface is considered to be an important feature of the disease, and are characteristic of the disease, but has been stable or fixed lesions can damage again. Most in this group after treated with combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in patients with clinical symptoms, of which 4 patients received the x-ray review, see sclerotic changes show that the lesions are repaired and improved.

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