LED Strip Light Which nine benefits?

Initially, the pure colors: LED Strip Light SMD LED high brightness light-emitting element, and thus has the benefits of LED light-emitting components, light colour pure, soft, no glare. It could be used as decorative purposes, but in addition cater lighting purposes.


Second, the softness: LED soft light with incredibly soft FPC because the substrate, can bend devoid of breaking any, quick to shape, for numerous marketing modeling needs.

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Third, heat a tiny: a light emitting element LED soft light is LED, because of the single LED energy is quite low, commonly 0.04 ~ 0.08W, thus heat is just not higher. It might be used as decorative lighting aquarium, but doesn't produce quite a bit of heat brought on by the temperature rise, affecting the development of ornamental fish.


Fourth, the super energy-saving: LED soft light strip energy per meter of only 4.8W 1210, 5050 LED versatile light strip power per meter 7.2W, compared with the standard lighting and decorative lighting, the low power quite a few times, however the effect is a lot much better.


Fifth, environmental protection: LED Strip Light LED constituent material, whether or FPC, its supplies are made use of environmentally friendly materials, are recyclable sort, not due to the comprehensive use of the environment brought on by pollution and destruction.


Sixth, security: LED versatile light strip utilizes a low-voltage DC 12V power supply voltage, so it truly is protected to make use of on. Whether the elderly, youngsters can safely use without having causing security troubles.


Seven Effortless installation: LED soft light strip installation is very uncomplicated, equipped with retaining clips, trunking, wire, iron net may be installed inside a assortment of supporting surface. Additional, since the LED flexible light strip light, thin, and therefore, can also be accomplished utilizing double-sided adhesive fixed functions. No expert can install, you could really get pleasure from the exciting of DIY decoration.


Eight, long life: the standard life of LED soft light from eight to one hundred,000 hours, 24 hours every day non-stop operate, their life are almost the previous ten years. Hence, LED flexible light strip life is several times the standard lamp.


Nine, a wide variety of applications: LED soft light strip for the reason that the soft, thin, pure color and other qualities, are widely applied in physique contour floor, stairs, stand, bridge, hotel, KTV decorative lighting, as well as the production of marketing indicators, various large-scale animation , calligraphy and painting marketing design and other locations. Together with the maturity of LED soft light technologies, its application are going to be additional substantial.