From the results of DSC measurement it is clear

From the results of DSC measurement, it GSK2838232 is clear that the phase change properties (phase change enthalpies and phase change temperatures) of the synthesized SSPCMs heavily depend on the performances of the used phase change functional chain (e.g., PEG in the present work). Therefore, the phase change properties of synthesized SSPCMs can be regulated and controlled by varying the content and molecular weight of PEG in the reaction. Compared with the available SSPCMs (e.g. polyalcohols, PE, layered perovskites, etc.) on the market, the synthesized polymer-based SSPCMs by this method would have more extensive applications in the low temperature range (below 100 °C) due to the adjustability of phase change properties. Nevertheless, how to cut down the cost for the synthesized SSPCMs is a problem that needs solving before the practical application.
3.4. Thermal reliability and stability of SSPCMs
Fig. 7. DSC curves of the synthesized SSPCMs after 500 thermal 'GSK2838232' cycles.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide