It is well known that

It is well known that TMC647055 the high operating pressure could accelerate the reaction rate of methane cracking reaction. As shown in Fig. 13, the higher the operating pressure, the higher the carbon deposition amount and the faster the decrease of porosity and catalyst activity. When t ≈ 120 days, the decreasing percentage of the current density is similar at different operating pressures. However, the decreasing trend of the current density at 2 atm and 4 atm is bigger than that at 1 atm. The reason is that the increased methane cracking reaction rate at 2 atm produces more carbon, which reduces the contact area between the fuel and catalyst in the anode, thus decreasing the electrochemical reactions. As the operating pressure increases to 4 atm, the decreasing trend of the current density is smaller than phosphorylation at 2 atm although more carbon is deposited at 4 atm by the methane cracking reaction. This is because that the SOFC at 4 atm produces more steam and reverse electrochemical reactions, which reduces the negative effect of carbon deposition.