Fig xA Effects of operating temperature a carbon deposition

Fig. 14. Effects of operating temperature: (a) carbon deposition; (b) porosity; (c) catalyst activity and (d) current density.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
5. Conclusions
1. Introduction
2. Experimental
Two types of DBR structures based on rare-earth oxide layers were formed on Si(111) substrates by MBE in Altiratinib Veeco Gen20 system. The details of the MBE growth process were reported previously [7]. Both types of quarter wavelength reflectors were designed for optoelectronic devices emitting light in the blue visible range. The first type of DBR (DBRGOEO) was based on two periods of Gd2O3/Si and osteoarthritis was finished by forming Gd2O3, as well as an Er2O3 layer. Gd2O3 exhibits better compatibility with Si, whereas Er2O3 matches better with a GaN lattice. The MBE-grown GaN on Si(111) with a transition double interlayer exhibited better crystalline properties compared with that grown on a single rare-oxide [8]. The second type of structure (DBREO) comprised entirely of Er2O3 instead of Gd2O3.