Physique Building Workout!

Alex Carneiro's physique workout is a great workout for building muscle and getting your physique into shape! The workout is done over 6 days and is ideal burning fat and getting a lean and muscular physique!

if your current goal is to bulk you may wish to remove or cut down the amount of cardio to suit your needs. Alex's workout will help:

Staying consistent is the key to results, try having one thought that keeps you motivated to help push you to get the goals you want.

Eat more carefully, eating the right things at the right time will make sure you supply your body with the building bricks to build and restore itself.

One of the most important factors of building muscle is rest! Your muscle don't grow when you are training in the gym, they grow with the proper nutrition and plenty of rest. You should aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, otherwise you will not grow to your full potential.

Little sleep means little results, so sleep big for big results! In the gym, it's your time to show enthusiasm for change. Stay committed, build muscle, and you will transform your physique.

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