6 Motives Why Case Research Are A Terrific Market place For Freelance Writers

6 Motives Why Case Research Are A Terrific Market place For Freelance Writers

I bear in mind the very first time a client presented me a case study writing assignment.

I was petrified.

It was early in my freelance writing career and I didnt even know what 1 looked like. I had a lot of concerns. What the heck is a case study? How long is it? What is the format? How a lot do I charge?

I didnt have a clue.

Of course, these days, I know more. A lot more. In reality, I create dozens of case research for consumers each year.

Case research now rank higher on my list of the most fascinating and profitable projects I deal with. (Im certain glad that client presented me the job all those years ago!)

If youre unfamiliar with case research, dont worry. Theyre actually really easy. A case study is just a fancy name for a accomplishment story the tale of a satisfied client and his or her encounter using a solution or service.

Lately, Ive noticed that more and more companies want case studies written, yet have issues obtaining writers who can do the job.

That spells Chance for you and me.

And it gets greater. Contemplate the following:

1. Case studies are not tough to create.

They are equivalent in style and format to a newsletter report. So if you can create one of those, you can create a case study.

2. Case research are relatively brief

Usually about 400-800 words in length. Once youve gained a small knowledge, youll be capable to knock one off in significantly less than a day.

three. Browse here at linklicious basic to explore why to flirt with it. The formats are standardized

As opposed to advertisements and direct mail, you wont get stressed out by obtaining to come up with a dazzling new idea or killer headline. The standard structure of a case study is remarkably straightforward. All thats needed of you is to get the facts and write a excellent piece.

4. Case study writers are in demand

More companies are scrambling to get case studies written right now than ever before. Be taught more on our affiliated wiki - Visit this URL: sites like linklicious. Linklicious Price contains more concerning the inner workings of this belief. I cant give you an precise figure but, in my opinion, the demand for case study writers has improved drastically over the past couple of years.

five. There is small competition

Im not positive why, but couple of copywriters go right after this marketplace. Some may not know it exists. Other people may possibly mistakenly think that case research are dull or technical. Not true! Case study writing is storytelling. Its exciting.

6. Case research pay properly

Surprisingly effectively. Now you wont get the superstar prices paid to big-league direct mail copywriters. But most clientele do pay handsomely for case study writing. Earning $one hundred per hour is not an unreasonable expectation for an experienced writer. I know numerous who earn a lot a lot more.

Right now the case study industry is booming. How Linklicious.Me Works includes supplementary info concerning the meaning behind it. Why not jump in and get your share of these fascinating and profitable writing gigs?.