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Unlike III–III?–V ternary, the GaAs0.5Sb0.5 growth is more 'CTX0294885' challenging than the In0.5Ga0.5As one. The first challenge comes from the high miscibility gap temperature of GaAs0.5Sb0.5 in the range of 740 °C which is much higher than the miscibility gap temperature of In0.5Ga0.5As at 127 °C [11]. In the thermodynamic equilibrium, this CTX0294885 would mean that growth temperatures for GaAs0.5Sb0.5 higher than 740 °C are needed which is the range where the III–V surface degrades. Growth techniques that consist on interplays between thermodynamics, strain and kinetics can however offer the chance to grow metastable GaAs0.5Sb0.5 alloy. Even if genera material can be grown with metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) is expected to offer advantages due to being farther away from equilibrium growth than MOCVD [12]. This can however lead to another challenge related to the MBE growth of III–V–V?: the sticking coefficient of group-V elements (CV) which is well known to be inferior to 1 in MBE (whereas for group-III elements, CIII is always equal to 1) and hence extremely sensitive to any small growth conditions variations such as growth temperatures and molecular fluxes.