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Boundary and structure adequacy tests were conducted throughout the modeling process to assure that Donitriptan the model is appropriate for the given purpose. Finally, dimensional consistency test was conducted (provided by the software) and demonstrated that all units and dimensions are adequate. Thus, the testing results allowed us to gain confidence that the essential factors and parameters determining the dynamic behavior of the real system are included in the model and that the boundaries and level of detail describe the real system with sufficient granularity.
To perform the behavior validation, the key variables of the model were compared to the historical data. In our case, the aim of the model was to calculate GHG emissions from various sectors of agriculture. Fig. 3 shows the comparison of simulated and historical data of the total GHG emissions in the agricultural sector in Latvia. The historical data were taken from the Latvia\'s National Inventory Report (LNIR, 2014) acetylcholine was submitted under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. It can be seen that the simulated amount of GHG emissions reasonably match the historical GHG emissions\' data.