The whole idea of just counting calories Somatodrol

The whole idea of just counting calories is overtakes. It is not just about how many calories you get inside, but it's much more important what exactly calories you ingest. In other words, from what food you get your calories is more important  Somatodrol than how much calories you ingest.

Below I treat, as simple as possible the metabolism of carbohydrate calories and fat calories. Your metabolism is a very complex process. I try to show below, the carbohydrate calories are a lot of negative side effects. And fat-calories, as you will see, did not have these negative side effects.

Calories derived from koolhydaten (carbohydrate calories)

Carbohydrates are a known source of energy. We therefore  somatodrol  eat carbohydrates at almost every meal. So we eat bread or oatmeal in the morning, we eat bread or a wrap for lunch and we eat pasta, potatoes or rice for dinner. All the above-mentioned foods are rich in carbohydrates with a high energy content. Also, starches, grains and sugar are carbohydrate-rich foods.