Do you know What is Vitamin B12?

Everyone knows what Vitamin B is. They know its benefits and sources but how many of you know about Vitamin B12? What is Vitamin B12? Do you know the problems like tiredness, stomach ulcer, depression, mouth ulcer, headaches, mood swings are signs of lack of Vitamin B12? I am sure most of the people don’t even know that these are cause by lack of Vitamin B12.


You would like to know more about it, after knowing that these everyday problems are actually the sign of lack of a nutrient called Vitamin B12. Surprisingly Vitamin B12 is neither found in plants nor in animals.  Wondering how to get Vitamin B12?


Best Sources Of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is only found in animal foods and the only way for humans to consume Vitamin B12 is animal meat. Although animal also do not produce Vitamin B12 but they their food contains Vitamin B12 and by eating animal meat, human get that nutrient.


After knowing this, it is very much clear that Vitamin B12 sources are animal meat. Yes, right. Vitamin B12 sources are poultry, meat and fish. Apart from these, dairy products are also rich in Vitamin B12.


Vitamin B12 From Supplements For Vegetarians 

It is evident from this information that vegetarians are more likely to suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency but there is solution to every problem. Vegetarians have the option to consume fortified products like fortified soymilk and fortified Vitamin B12 energy bar.


Vitamin B12 benefits include curing your body from the above mentioned symptoms. Other than that, Vitamin B12 prevents our body from deadly disease like prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. It keeps our blood pressure in control and helps in blood formation also.


Now you know how important Vitamin B12 is. Do not forget to add Vitamin B12 in your diet if you want to protect yourself from above mentioned health problems.