Weight-Loss :: What is Kyani?

The company:

Kyani, Inc. situated in Idaho Falls, Idaho place in her first reps in December 2005. Kyani Co-Founders shared a vision of significantly improved health insurance and profits generating opportunity for normal people. $300 million in combined investor assets! Positioned for long-term success!

The Compensation plan:

Three by Seven Force-placed Matrix. Most synergistic and proven-successful procedure for network marketing. Teamwork! Teams share positions in keeping making downline growth easier than ever. 3.5% commission paid as many as seven levels (3279 positions). With minimum qualifying purchases in each position income of nearly $12,000.00. Many additional bonuses that induce an additional revenue stream generation.

Fast Start Bonus: Sponsor 3 who sponsor 3 in first 30 days= $500 (Director) This is a 100% roi as part of your first four weeks and payable immediately!

Openline Production Bonus: Like a Director participate in team growth bonuses that can be worth

lots of money weekly!

Matching Check Bonus: The bonus to top all bonuses! Personally sponsor a new Kyani Distributor and qualify to earn matching checks on matrix commissions earned because of your new Rep for lifetime! No possibility of breakaway!

These products:

Based on the incredible health enjoyed by Alaska's native population...wild Alaskan salmon for omega3 and wild Alaskan blueberries.

Kyani Sunrise is often a super antioxidant mixture of wild blueberries, cranberry, wolfberry, noni, pomegranate, vitamins and minerals and yes it tastes great.

Kyani Sunset is surely an omega3 powerhouse from pure wild salmon enhanced with vitamin e antioxidant from toctrienols, nature's greatest source. Research evidence include a number of health improvements using these elements, including blood glucose levels, blood, pressure reduction, healthier levels of cholesterol, allergy relief, rest from irritating skin complaints, migraines, arthritis and pain relief, acid-reflux relief and a lot of, many more.

It is a quite easy formula that may be duplicated by anyone who makes the organization. This business model really should take all the tasks that are preventing the average joe from succeeding, out from the equation.


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