Kim Kardashian Just Debuted Her Sexiest Maxi dresses with sleeves Look Yet

Extend the life of your shirtdress: Make that shirtdress a totally unrecognizable and different outfit by layering a crop top over it. According to LuckyShops, by layering a crop top over a shirtdress it'll help to accentuate your waist right at the perfect spot. Not to mention it's a great way to wear your maxi dresses with sleeves straight into fall too.

Fitted dresses are the perfect companion: To crop tops that is. When you pair a crop top over a fitted dress it'll look like it's all a one piece outfit. To pull off this look, go with a crop top that's more fitted than loose for a more put together look. Make sure the dress that you're wearing isn't too summery (like a a halter dress) and more of a midi length; you want to look office chic not thrown together haphazardly. You can also try this look with a short sleeve boat neck long dress (like a T-shirt dress) and an embellished tank crop top.

Elevate casual Friday: Usually Fridays are meant for causal wear and in many companies that means wearing denim. Instead of pulling out your favorite skinny jeans and a comfy top, elevate your Fridays by layering a button up crop top over a denim jumpsuit. It's also a great way to get the weekend started after work when you decide to hit the local scene with your gal pals.