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sejarah pura suranadi Today I’m heading to Agra and taking the early early morning train. The very best way to get from Delhi to Agra is the train; clean, allotted seating, a bottle of water supplied and I enjoyed becoming served tea and biscuits before a breakfast of toast, butter and jam. There was a savoury meat dish also served but I was content with the toast. The journey was only two hours and I was in Agra by 8.30am. To beat the crowds, and the heat of the day I headed to the Crimson Fort and took a guided tour. The manual was incredible, has been a guide at the fort for 25 many years - he was extremely knowledgeable and experienced a fantastic feeling of humour. Some thing you’ll come across in many of the forts is tricks of architecture and visible effects, to believe that these have been around for century’s just blows my thoughts. suranadi lombok