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Over 100 million American adults suffer from chronic pain, many of which are affected by inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. While you should always follow your physicians instructions to manage your pain, it is nice to know that there are foods that serve as natural pain relievers. Some of these foods may take some getting used to, and will not work for everyone. A good example is hot peppers.

Hot peppers are a good natural remedy for chronic pain

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A compound in hot peppers called capsaicin is responsible for the heat that is famous for setting mouths on fire. It also functions as an effective pain-reliever. Capsaicin can reduce certain chemicals that carry pain signals to the brain. This provides relief from pain. Endorphins are then produced in response to the hot taste, which it perceives as stress, according to Paul Bosland, director of New Mexico State University's Chile Pepper Institute.

Capsaicin is a valuable remedy for both common forms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, according to Dr. Ashwin Mehta, director of integrative medicine at the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine. It even helps to ease muscle pain.

Hot peppers are also full of good-for-you nutrients that keep you healthy from the inside-out. These nutrients include vitamins A and C and antioxidants, which protect the bodys cells from damage.

Some over-the-counter creams contain capsaicin and are regularly used to help relieve pain from arthritis. Eating hot peppers, however, is also an effective natural pain reliever. Just be sure to go easy at first if not accustomed to their heat.

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Keep in mind the more capsaicin a pepper contains the hotter it will be. There are many different kinds of peppers. Have fun experimenting with them and enjoy them for their natural pain-relieving powers.

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