A Free Government Telephone Can Open Up New Opportunities

Low-income households often go without services such as a phone and this hinders their ability to dial 911. The Reagan Administration is responsible for a program that started in 1980. It provides free or low-cost phones to low income households. In 2005, during the Bush Administration it also began to include cell phones. The program allows those who are eligible to receive a free or low-cost phone. This gives them the ability to phone 911 and to receive calls from prospective employers. The Federal Lifeline Assistance Program has been very successful because it helps many people to communicate with others. The eligibility criteria varies from state to state. Normally, participation in one or more government programs such as Medicaid or Food Stamps will qualify a family for free gov cell phone.

There are two documents that are needed in order to obtain free cell phones for low income households. The first is proof of identity and this can include a drivers license, Passport, state ID, birth certificate, Military ID, marriage license or a voters registration card. One document is necessary that must include either proof of participation in eligible government programs or proof of low income. These documents can easily be uploaded online. One may also complete their application online or it can be mailed. Some people complete part of the application process over the phone. This allows one to use the method that works best for them.

Receiving free government phones can open up many doors for those who are seeking employment or need to contact their employer. It can also be used to communicate with friends or family members. There are no fees or commitments required for this type of phone. In addition to the free phone, 250 free minutes each month are provided. This is a great program and is definitely worth consideration.

In order to learn more details about the program, a potential applicant can visit freegovernmentcellphone.net. This website offers much more detailed information about the program and the process for becoming approved. This information is very helpful and it can help one to better understand the program. It is very difficult to survive without a phone. The applicant can choose between a landline phone or a cell phone. Most people choose cell phones because they can be used virtually anywhere and they are mobile. It gives the phone recipient peace of mind in knowing that they can call 911 if there is an emergency.